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Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

 School Five’s “Highly Qualified” staff is collaborative, passionate, and supportive, as it provides a well-rounded, comprehensive curriculum, aligned to the NJ Common Core Standards.   

     School Five houses students from grades K-5 and is dedicated to meeting the needs of its diverse population.

     The Balanced Literacy Program, ensures that students read in order to write and write in order to read, through use of various teaching strategies.  We are excited to begin implementing our newly-approved district, math series, entitled, envision Math.  This series focuses on the Common Core, developing conceptual understanding through both problem-based, interactive and visual learning.  Each student will receive instruction at his individual level, through the support offered by this series.  Teachers will both challenge and encourage students to work to their fullest potential, daily.

     For the 2016-2017 school year, teachers in grades K-5, will assess the students through DRA Testing, to determine students' reading levels.

     The Belleville School District offers supplemental instruction to gifted/talented students, which is infused as differentiated instruction, by the classroom teachers, into the curriculum. Additionally, an after school G&T instructor, will work with identified students.

     In addition to the core subjects of Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies, students participate in Art, Library/Media, Music, Physical Education, and Health.  Students who qualify, also attend ESL and Skills Enrichment classes

      School Five’s faculty works diligently to provide a stimulating, learning environment, where success for all students is possible.  Teachers in grades K-2 are self-contained, while those in grades 3-5, are departmentalized, teaching the subjects they are most passionate about.  The enthusiasm with which the staff teaches, is contagious… The students feel it, too!

      Our Security Team, is comprised of Officers Grover Lewis and Joseph Giuliano.  They are a welcomed addition to our School Five Family.   In addition, our office staff, Mrs. Donna Giuliano, is the glue that holds everyone together.    Our custodial staff consists of Head Custodian, John Faronea and Miguel Valladares.


     Smart Board Technology is a priority in every classroom and utilized daily.  Teachers research educational websites continuously, enhancing and augmenting the everyday curriculum in a more exciting, enthusiastic way.  Team teaching is also implemented, infusing different teaching styles and techniques into a single lesson.

     School Five is a “Bully-Free School,” totally dedicated to the elimination of harassment, intimidation, and bullying.  Students engage in monthly activities and projects, for the purpose of creating and promoting an environment filled with respect for and tolerance of others. 

     In addition, all students participate in “Jump Rope for Heart,” through the efforts of their physical education teacher, Mr. Chris Michele.  Faculty and staff participate in activities for Heart Health Month, as donations are made to the American Heart Association and all faculty wear red clothing.  School Five faculty, staff, and students also donate canned goods to the Food Pantry, our troops, clothes for the Red Cross, and Christmas presents for the needy.

     Each year, all teachers/students at Number Five, participate in Project Pride, where student projects, thematic units, and work samples are displayed at the Livingston Mall, along with other schools in the district and county, to show pride in their work and in their school.

     School Five’s diverse population comes together each year, to celebrate and participate in Multi-Cultural Awareness Day.  Parents, teachers, administration, and staff, prepare ethnic foods, dress in cultural clothing, share traditions, and perform through music and dance.  The importance of recognizing differences yet being part of one family, is emphasized, not only on Multi-Cultural Day but every day of the year!

     School Five’s PTA, works collaboratively with administration, staff, and the parent community and is committed to providing and organizing various activities, while encouraging increased membership and active participation.  School dances, trips, breakfasts, assembly, programs, a Tricky Tray, promotional exercises, and Field  Day are planned each year. 

     Our school wide goal for the 2016-2017 year, is:  To continue to promote and foster a positive school climate, which provides support to all stakeholders:  Faculty, staff, students, parents, guardians, and the extended community.  This will be accomplished through shared decision making, with the ultimate goal being academic success, and social/emotional well-being, in a safe, secure environment.

     School Five has been a school of excellence for over 100 years!  Come celebrate with us!  Walk through our hallways, adorned with beautiful hand-painted murals, and stained-glass wall hangings, created by John Faronea, our Head Custodian, and bulletin boards, displayed with student work.   In addition, our Art teacher, Mrs. Stagliano, has created “gallery walls,” displaying grade level art projects for all to see and enjoy!  Our Music teacher, Chris Bleeke, provides School Five students with wonderful vocal music lessons and engages students in a fantastic “Holiday Concert” every year, for parents and staff.  Also exciting, is the addition of our school mascot, "Rocko," the Italian Greyhound.  The Greyhound represents strength and determination, much like the administration, faculty, staff, students, and families of School Five!

     School Five…One Family…All Heart!