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6th Grade SS/SCIENCE



Welcome to 6th grade Social Studies and Science!




My name is Shannon King and this will be my second year teaching Social Studies and Science to all three of the 6th grade classes.


In May of 2016, I graduated from William Paterson University with a bachelor’s degree in Education and an English certification K-6. My student teaching was in a 5th grade classroom in West Caldwell. Before coming to Belleville in 2018, I had taught 6thgrade ELA in Paterson, New Jersey at New Roberto Clemente. 


I am looking forward to teaching your child Social Studies and Science this year!



 This year, I, along with my grade-level partners (Ms. Hausleben and Mrs. Maucione), will be preparing your children for the Middle School. Below is some helpful information about what to expect this upcoming school year. 




Your child will be receiving homework nightly that needs to be completed on time. Any assignment posted on Google Classroom will have a deadline. If the assignment is not in by that indicated time, they will receive a zero. Homework is worth 10% of their overall grade. The percentage may not seem high, but the number of assignments they complete will show on their test/quiz scores throughout the year. 


Homework can be viewed through Remind or on the Homework Page on google classroom. 





All tests will be announced and students will be provided with a study guide. The day prior to a test, students will play a review game. Students are responsible for reviewing their notes daily in case an unannounced pop quiz is given. If students are doing their part in class, they should have no problems with the tests or quizzes. 





It is important that your child is always actively participating in class. Whether it is during a lesson, going over homework, doing an activity, or reviewing for a test/quiz, they need to be involved as much as possible. Participation is worth 10% of their overall grade. 





Please join Remind by using the class code @ccd986fI 

I will be sending messages out regarding your child's homework, projects, assignments, assessments, and any other events that will be taking place both in and outside of school. Since it is your child's last year in School 5 there will be a lot of activities throughout the year that we would love for everyone to take part in!




Please feel free to email me at:


Supply list:



  • (1) durable INTERACTIVE notebook (Mathematics) *SEE LINK BELOW* 
  • (1) durable one-subject notebook (Writing) 
  • (21-inch, 3-ring binders w/ clear front pocket (ELA & Science) 
  • (1) package of dividers w/ five separators (ELA) 
  • (2) packages of loose-leaf binder paper with 3 holes (ELA & Science) 
  • (5) books for independent reading (ELA) *SEE NOTE BELOW* 
  • (1) expandable file folder (All Subjects) 
  • (2) soft zippered pencil case with 3-ring binder holes (no HARD pencil cases) 
  • (1) dozen sharpened #2 pencils (not mechanical) 
  • (1large pink eraser  
  • (1) package of colored pens 
  • (1) pack of dry erase markers 
  • (1) set of portable headphones 
  • (2) bottles of hand sanitizer  
  • (5) boxes of tissues  



The math notebook can be purchased through Amazon if you do not find it in stores. If you cannot order it, please have your child bring in $4.50 on the first day of school and Ms. Hausleben will order it for you. 


Independent reading books can be purchased from Scholastic throughout the school year. Your child will be given a class code to use for online orders and those orders will be shipped directly to the school.