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Principal's Message


At School 5, we are committed to creating a loving and creative environment for students to thrive. I believe children are never too young to start the journey of discovering who they are and what wonderful things they have inside of them to offer this great big world. Educators should undoubtedly create situations for students to be successful so as to build confidence, but they must also challenge students and teach resilience so students see they have the capability to bounce back from set-backs and not give up. This knowledge paves the way for determination and success.

My teachers and I want to instill confidence in students and a belief they were all born to be great (even in small ways) and to fulfill a purpose in life. This message has to be played over and over again at the starting gate of education even though the very young would not yet fully understand that message. We have to get the words to settle in their minds and hearts. My hope is to work together as a team to start your children on the path to success and happiness!