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My Philosophy of Teaching-

Successful teachers of today are those who know the importance of balancing the many factors that contribute to the learning and development of children. In addition to the specific needs of the individual child, factors such as family, cultural diversity, and even media and technology have to be taken into account and incorporated into strategies for teaching and making the experience relevant and meaningful to the child.

Successful teachers create a classroom setting that is student-centered, and recognize the individual talents and skills of the child. Teachers have to create a classroom that provides experiences for all types of learners and intelligences. Lessons in this type of class should provide for individual, group, hands-on, and culturally relevant work.

Teachers who create a sense of community in the classroom that is supportive, caring, and safe, promote the ideas of tolerance and diversity that allow children to form relationships with each other. Successful teachers also create a sense of community outside of the classroom by seeking support from other teachers, family members and community organizations for the benefit of the student’s development and education.

Welcome to Kindergarten! I look forward to an exciting and productive year with your children.