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Welcome to Art!

                                                            Welcome to Art !       2020-2021
                                                   "Every child is an artist" . . . . .Pablo Picasso
Hi!  My name is Carol Stagliano, and I have enjoyed my position as an Art teacher for 23 in Belleville. I am thrilled to be your Art teacher, and look forward to being a part of your creative experience and artistic growth. Art instruction helps children with development of motor skills, making connections with math and language arts topics, communication, problem solving and decision making.  I plan on introducing interesting techniques and methods that will allow my students to be creative using a variety of materials throughout the year.  My main goal is for my students to gain more knowledge about art and have fun while doing so.  Qualities for success in art class are having a good attitude, good listening skills, teamwork skills, creative problem solving skills, and a sense of exploring.
Although the 2020-2021 school year is off to a very different start from last year, I plan on providing my students with fun weekly lessons that will keep them on top of their knowledge about Art and their skills.  Please join your Art Google classrooms.  The codes are provided below along with the Art schedule.
                                                       Kindergarten:  wmnx5xu    Trimester 1
                                                             1st grade:   otrcmtp      Trimester 1
                                                            2nd grade:  mcxpo4r     Trimester 1
                                                             3rd grade:   p6d64an    Trimester 2
                                                             4th grade:   q7id3gr      Trimester 2
                                                             5th grade:   n5ofals      Trimester 3
                                                             6th grade:  wpm777b   Trimester 3